General Information

  • Who are the eligible customers:
    -All Government, Semi Government Departments and Public Sector Organizations: Who send us an official inquiry with detailed information of requested items.
    -All Private Company/ natural person: Who hold valid NTN (National Tax Number), GST (General Tax) Registration, CNIC/"State Subject" certificate and having office within Pakistan or in the state of "Azad Jammu & Kashmir".
  • Which is the workable Trade Inquiry:
    A trade inquiry must enclose the sender contact information, detailed description, exact technical specification, exact quantity, place of delivery and acceptable delivery period for each item separately. Important Note: We are unable to process an inquiry which is ambiguous and without information of the requested item.


General Terms and Conditions

  • Our commitment to the sale agreement:
    After signing Sale Agreement between M/s. Rihaco and purchaser. we are bound to supply you an item that should meet the agreed technical specifications and features within the promised delivery period as per the terms & Conditions of the agreement. NOTE: We can only guarantee the specifications and features of the item supplied for which it is manufactured and we hold no responsibility in case the item supplied falls deficient in its performance beyond its actual purpose.
  • Product improvement:
    We do reserve the right to improve our products, change specifications or improve our goods subject to errors and to alterations.
  • Payment:
    100% advance with order unless alternative terms are previously agreed.
  • Installation:
    Installation is not included unless stated on your quote/order.
  • Made-to-order/Custom Products:
    Custom made and designed items are non-returnable. Cancellation or changes to custom orders must be made within three days of placing the order.
  • Damaged goods and claims:
    If goods are delivered damaged, where damage has not been caused by the delivery process, RIHACO must be notified in writing within 2 days of receipt of the goods, otherwise claims cannot be considered. Shortages also should be notified within 2 days.

  • Returns:
    We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.
  • Warranty:
    Most of the product supply with 365 days warranty from the date of delivery of item against the manufacturing defects only. Warranty is void in case mishandling, abuse, alteration, improper maintenance or repair by an unauthorized person/s.
  • After sales service:
    We offer free of cost service to our supplied goods for 365 days from the date of delivery or date of installation of system. Please Note: Free Warrantee shell be revoke if any warranty condition violated i.e. mishandling, abuse, alteration, improper maintenance or repair by an unauthorized person/s. After completion of free warranty period an “After Sales Service Contract” is recommended.
  • End User Certificate & Export License:
    Exports of some products are subject to *“Export License” from exporting country and to process this license the manufacturer or exporter required an **“End User Certificate” for obtaining an “Export License” from their Government. If this the case with your requested item we/ exporter are unable to process your inquiry without an “End-User Certificate” duly attested by the authorized authority clearly mention description of item, technical specification, exact quantity and export/shipment of product only could possible after granting of the Export License.

    *An “End-User Certificate” is an official document, issued by a competent national authority of the importing state, which certify that the buyer is the final recipient of the materials, and is not planning transfer the materials to another party.

    ** Export license: A government document granting the licensee the right to export a specific quantity of a commodity to a specified country/ End-User.
  • Force Majeure:
    M/s. Rihaco shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of or in connection with Rihaco delay in providing, or failure to provide the goods which are the subject of AGREEMENT insofar as such delays or failures are occasioned by the acts or omissions of the PURCAHSER, acts of ALLAH (God), or public enemy, acts of civil or military authority, fires, flood, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, inability to obtain necessary labour, materials or facilities, unusually severe weather or any other cause beyond the control of Rihaco.
  • Responsible Note:
    The manufacturers or the distributor M/s. RIHACO, will not accept any responsibility for the damage, injury or death resulting from the misuse of or from the modifications to a product. It is the user’s responsibility at all times to ensure that he/she understands the correct and safe use of any equipment/tool/item. The user must ensure the usage of the equipment/tool/item only for the purpose for which its designed and that he/she practices all proper safety procedures. Before using the equipment/tool/item, take all necessary steps to familiarize yourself with the rescue/safety techniques in case an emergency occurs. You are personally responsible for all the risks and for your actions and decisions.